Spotlight: The Voice, Elevate/Elevar & Obesity Medicine

    HEC Media’s Spotlight program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 11, and showcases St. Louis’ finest contributions to art, education, and culture.

    In this week’s episode go behind the scenes of “The Voice” with 2021 contestant Shadale; learn about Elevate/Elevar, We Power’s power building accelerator; discover why Mercy Hospital St. Louis is the first and only Missouri center accredited for both bariatric surgery and Obesity Medicine; join the dogs on the trail with this new book about mushing; explore the wild things going on at the Houska Gallery; and step inside the telephone museum at Jefferson Barracks.

    Shadale: Her Journey on The VOICE
    Go behind the scenes of The VOICE on this edition of Spotlight. Shadale show us how her tenacity and stick-to-itiveness landed her a spot on The VOICE.

    Elevate/Elevar, We Power’s Power Building Accelerator
    We Power’s Elevate-Elivar Accelerator aims to help Black and Latinx communities realize their power to bridge the racial and wealth gap.

    Patient Benefits from Significant Weight Loss With Help From Mercy’s Bariatric Surgery Program
    The Mercy Bariatric Center at Mercy Hospital St. Louis receives national accreditation for both bariatric surgery and obesity medicine.

    “Dogs on the Trail: A Year in the Life”
    Mushers Blair Braverman & Quince Mountain talk about what life is like out on an expedition in their new book “Dogs on the Trail: A Year in the Life”.

    Wild Thing! and Edifice Complex at Houska Gallery
    Houska Gallery is currently hosting its Winter Group Show and a solo exhibit by photographer Ken Konchel.

    St. Louis’ Role in Telecommunication’s History is on Display at the Jefferson Barracks Telephone Museum
    Take a private tour with Assistant Director Ken Schaper, where he takes you through the journey of the telephone.

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