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    Spotlight: Liver Disease Research, Jane Goodall, & Captain Wendell O. Pruitt – 12/11/22

    Becoming Jane on display at the Saint Louis Science Center until April of 2023. Visit for info.

    The Tobacco Wives, A Conversation with Adele Myers full interview

    Seasonal Rhythms is on display at Webster Arts through December 23rd. Visit for info.

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    Holiday Trains is on display at the National Transportation Museum through December 30th. Visit for info.

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    Spotlight: Drinking Water from Air, Hodiamont Tracks Greenway & Indian Chintz – 12/04/22

    “Incomparable Grace: JFK In the Presidency” by Mark Updegrove Full interview

    Global Threads is on display at the Saint Louis Art Museum through January 8, 2023. Visit for info.

    For more St. Louis Science stories click here.

    Learn more about the ongoing Hodiamont Tracks Greenway project at

    To learn more about Bworks visit

    Winter Wonderland is on display through December 30th. Visit for info.

    Charles Glenn’s Tis the Season full concert.

    Spotlight: Lark Ascending, Black Girls Do STEM & Some of My Best Friends Are… – 11/27/22

    Lark Ascending: A Conversation with Silas House full interivew.

    Visit to learn more about the Black Girls Do STEM program.

    Jeff Bridges at the Sheldon on display through January 21, 2023; visit

    To learn more about the Regional Arts Commission visit RAC Funding visit

    Spotlight: Joy of Cooking, GiftAMeal & Foodscaping – 11/20/22

    For more St. Louis history click here.

    Find participating GiftAMeal restaurants at

    A Culinary History of Missouri: Foodways & Iconic Dishes of the Show-Me State full interview.

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    Spotlight: Wildcare Park, COVID Boosters & Brain Owens – 11/13/22

    Solito: The unforgettable true story of a 9-year-old’s solo migration to the U.S. Full interview

    Zoo WildCare Park Preview – The 425-acre expansion in north St. Louis County is expected to open in 2027. For more info click here.

    Beverly Mayeri and Kensuke Yamada at Duane Reed Gallery is on display through December 3rd, visit for info.

    Time for Flu Shots and COVID-19 Bivalent Boosters, But is Vaccine Access for Families an Issue?

    Spotlight: STL Jewish Book Festival, GlobalSTL & Veterans – 11/6/22

    STL Jewish Book Festival – Visit for tickets and more info.

    GlobalSTL Summit Promotes Technologies to Support Solutions for the Healthcare Workforce Shortage

    Forest Through the Trees – On display through December 11th, visit

    Volunteers: Growing Up in the Forever War, A Conversation with Jared Alexander

    Spotlight: Halloween 2022- 10/30/22

    MU Researcher Finds Cat Genomes are Surprisingly Similar to Humans’ Benefitting Human & Cat Health
    When a Child With Autism Gets a Shelter Cat, Both May Do Better Together Experiencing Less Stress

    “Madwoman,” A Conversation with Louisa Treger full interview.

    Halloween at Jacoby
    On display through Nov 5th, visit for info.

    Celebrating Ray Kennedy – John Pizzarelli, Bucky Pizzarelli, Martin Pizzarelli & Konrad Paszkudzki
    John Pizzarelli Quartet at Jazz at the Bistro, Dizzy Atmosphere, and the Glendale Jazz Festival, November 2009

    Spotlight: Holocaust Museum Preview, Coloring STL & Arundhati Roy – 10/23/22

    The Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum opens November 2nd. Visit for more information.

    Coloring STL is on display through May 5th, 2024, visit for info.

    Stories about long term effects from COVID
    Diabetes Risk Increases With COVID-19 Infection, Developing Up To One Year Post-COVID
    Study Shows Long COVID Poses Risk for Vaccinated People and Shows Need For Improved Vaccines
    St. Louis Researcher Found COVID-19 Increases Risk of Heart Conditions Up To One Year Later
    St. Louis Researcher Discovers COVID-19 Increases Mental Health Risks Up to a Year After Infection

    One on One with St. Louis Literary Award Winner Arundhati Roy
    Authors and Community: The St. Louis Literary Award

    It Appeared Out of Plein Air
    On display through Nov 30th, visit for info.

    Strolling Strings
    Learn more about the Strolling Strings at

    Spotlight: Cabrini Academy, Living History & Second Chance Ranch – 10/16/22

    More about Ray Arvidson’s Mars career
    Life on Mars: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Chemical ‘Building Blocks for Life’ on the Red Planet
    Countdown to Mars: Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover’s Link to St. Louis
    NASA’s Use of HoloLens Puts St. Louis Scientist on Mars with Curiosity Rover
    NASA Extends Recovery Efforts for Opportunity as the Mars Rover Remains Silent After Dust Storm
    Dangerous Landing of Perseverance Mars Rover is a Critical 7 Minutes for WashU Professor
    Opportunity, Curiosity and Mars 2020 Rover Updates from a Source Involved in the Missions
    Mars Opportunity Rover Marks 15-Year Anniversary on Mars with Future Uncertain

    Fall Exhibits at The Contemporary Art Museum
    On display through February 12, 2023, visit for info.

    Visit for more info about Ste Genevieve Living History.

    For more information about Craft Alliance’s Print & Paper Studio visit

    Visit to learn more about the Second Chance Ranch dog retirement home.

    Spotlight: GlobalSTL, Chess History & The Family Remains- 10/09/22

    1972 Fischer/Spassky at the World Chess Hall of Fame on display through April 30, 2023. Visit for information.

    Author Lisa Jewell: “The Family Remains” watch the full interview.

    Force of Nature at Webster Arts on display through October 28th. Visit for information.

    Spotlight: The Titanic, 9/11 Day of Service & Blood Test to Detect Cancers – 10/02/22

    First Person One on One: Daniel Stone full interview

    Shaw Art Fair will be taking place October 8th & 9th. Visit for infomation.

    Learn more about St. Louis Cancer Research

    The Walls Off Washington officially opens Friday, October 7th. Visit for information.

    Learn more about the Storytelling Festival storytellers here. The Storytelling Festival takes place Oct. 13th – 22nd, Visit for more information.

    Arts & Faith 2022: Faith into Action full concert

    Spotlight: German Artists, Long COVID & The Village – 09/18/22

    Day & Dream at the Saint Louis Art Museum Runs through February 26, for more info visit

    For more on the Arts and Economic Prosperity 6 Study visit

    Diabetes Risk Increases With COVID-19 Infection, Developing Up To One Year Post-COVID

    Study Shows Long COVID Poses Risk for Vaccinated People and Shows Need For Improved Vaccines

    St. Louis Researcher Discovers COVID-19 Increases Mental Health Risks Up to a Year After Infection

    Visit for info about this year’s festival

    The Village – Visit to learn how you can get involved

    Spotlight: Taylor Geospatial Institute, Cassava Research & On Fire Film – 09/18/22

    Learn more about the Taylor Geospatial Institute at

    Learn more about the Gyo Obata Fellowship at

    “The Bronzed Beast,” A conversation with author Roshani Chokshi full interview

    Learn more about John O’Leary’s story at On Fire: John O’Leary’s story

    Spotlight: 2022 Saint Louis Art Fair – 09/11/22

    For more on MO history click here.

    Tour of the New Mercy Proton Therapy Center & How the Cyclotron Delivers Cancer-Killing Treatment

    More about Flags of Valor Flags for Heroes

    2021 Arts and Faith Interfaith Concert.

    Spotlight: 2022 Saint Louis Art Fair – 09/04/22

    Meet Me at the Fair: The Saint Louis Art Fair at 25 Years Full documentary

    Spotlight: Blueberry Hill, MetroMarket & Afghan Refugees Feel at Home – 8/28/22

    Meet the Artists of the ST. LOUIS ART FAIR 2022

    St. Louis-Based C2N Diagnostics has a Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease That’s Now on the Market

    Benefits of Blood Test for Screening Alzheimer’s Disease Years Before Symptoms Begin

    WashU Researcher Leads International Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Testing Two Drugs in Combination

    See more Behind the Creatives stories here.

    For the Metromarket schedule visit

    Welcome Neighbor STL “Leaves the Ladder Down” for Area Refugees

    Spotlight: Jackie Kennedy, Fashion & Salman Rushdie – 8/21/22

    Louis Bayard “Jackie and Me” full interview

    Visit to discover the art of fashion currently on display at the Foundry Art Centre

    SLU Cannabis Program Success stories:
    SLU Cannabis Instructor & GM of Missouri’s First Back-Owned Cannabis Dispensary Aims to Educate
    Cannabis Science & Operations Program At Saint Louis University is a Game Changer for SLU Student

    Learn more about the 2022 Saint Louis Art Fair here.

    A Conversation with Novelist Salman Rushdie full interview.

    Spotlight: Celebrates Plants – 8/14/22

    For more STL Made stories visit

    For more from Edison Agrosciences watch “Producing Natural Rubber from Sunflowers for Alternative Rubber Crops in the United States

    The Nature of Oaks, A Conversation with Douglas Tallamy and Jean Ponzi full interview

    A New Leaf: Reimagining Henry Shaw’s Museum full HEC Exclusive documentary

    Spotlight: Chase Park Plaza, Photography & COVID-19 Tests – 8/7/22

    Find more St. Louis History stories here.

    Learn more about “Silver Seas: An Odyssey” and “2022 IPHF International Photo Contest” at

    All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys Soccer Team full interview.

    Meet the Artists of the 2022 St. Louis Art Fair at

    Spotlight: Rung, Hockey & Bees – 7/31/22

    STL’s Growing Geospatial Sector stories here.

    Lynne Cox, “Tales of Al, The Water Rescue Dog, The Making of a Super Athlete Full interview

    More St. Louis history stories here.

    Spotlight: Pickleball, Catching the Moment & Steve Berry – 7/24/22

    Introducing Nick Lee: Historic Thriller Author Steve Berry Talks About His Newest Book & Protagonist full interview

    Meet the Artists of the St. Louis Art Fair here.