Spotlight: Michelangelo, Delta Variant & Spanish Flu

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    In this week’s episode hear from a Michelangelo expert from Washington University who wrote a books about the artist’s last 20 years, step into Pure Vibes a local company who owes part of their success to Greater St. Louis Inc’s Diverse Business Accelerator, explore the 2021 Summer Group show at Houska Gallery, learn about some of the research being conducted in Missouri in regards to the Covid-19 Delta Variant, meet an artist making ergonomically correct chairs by hand out of wood, and a look back at the Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it compares to today.

    First Person One on One: Michelangelo, God’s Architect
    William Wallace, a Washington University Professor and expert on Michelangelo discusses his seventh book on the artist, covering the last 20 years of his life.

    Pure Vibes
    Pure Vibes is a worker-owned company that creates essential wellness products, including artisan-made soaps and aromatherapy. The enhanced their business through Greater St. Louis Inc’s Diverse Business Accelerator.

    2021 Summer Group Show at Houska Gallery
    Houska Gallery is currently showing its 2021 Summer Group Show, featuring the works of 15 St. Louis based artists.

    WashU Immunologist & Virologist is Testing Vaccines against the Delta Variant in Animal Models
    Washington University School f of Medicine laboratory is part of a large-scale effort to make decisions about vaccinations and vaccine booster shots.

    MU Researcher Enrolls About 600 People in COVID-19 Vaccine Study
    MU researcher is studying individual COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and longevity to see how it differs between demographics.

    MU Researcher is Enrolling Patients in Study to Learn More About COVID-19 Variants and Mutations
    University of Missouri School of Medicine researcher is enrolling study participants infected by the Delta variant and any new variant the lab may identify.

    Meet the Artist: Kevin DesPlanques
    Kevin DesPlanques crafts comfortable and unique pieces of furniture out of wood and bronze using stack lamination. Please visit to learn more.

    St. Louis in the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918
    A look at how St. Louis reacted to the Spanish Flu of 1918, saving thousands of lives, and how those lessons apply to the Covid Pandemic of today.

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