Spotlight: 2023 St. Louis Art Fair

    This week’s episode is all about the 2023 Saint Louis Art Fair. The Saint Louis Art Fair turns 30 this year, learn the secret to its success; meet two glass artists, an art fair veteran who creates complex pieces and an art fair first timer who has found inspiration in Alaska; meet an emerging artist turned juried artist whose ceramic work has deeper meaning than appears on the surface; take a history break with History Spotlight all about African American newspapers in St. Louis; meet an artist who has traded photographing crime scenes for flowers and one who believes art fairs are very important for communities; and then enjoy art fairs past with an upbeat montage.

    Saint Louis Art Fair Celebrates 30 Years
    The Saint Louis Art Fair has been an annual tradition since 1994 and is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023.

    Meet the Artist: Addison Hanna
    Glass Artist Addison Hanna creates stunning sculptures and vessels with a creative process based on traditional Venetian techniques.

    Glass: The Art of Sam Stang
    Sam Stang’s glass art is known for its symmetry, design and vibrant colors.

    Meet the Artist: Amy Madej
    Ceramic artist Amy Madej creates a variety of ceramic objects, which she describes as “3-D canvasses” onto which she doodles many simple yet meaningful symbols.

    History Spotlight: African American Newspapers
    The St. Louis Palladium and other African-American newspapers were a great way for people to stay connected in the late 1800s.

    Meet the Artist: Craig Roderick
    Retired crime scene photographer Craig Roderick applies his skills in capturing the hidden beauty in flowers.

    Meet The Artist: Nha Vuu
    Nha Vuu is a painter who does line work paintings.

    Meet the Artists of the 2023 St. Louis Art Fair