Dr. Rebecca Schwarzlose and her new book ‘Brainscapes”

    Neuroscientist Dr. Rebecca Schwarzlose discusses her first general audience book, “Brainscapes: The Warped, Wondrous Maps Written In Your Brain – And How They Guide You” with HEC’s Rod Milam. In the book, the doctor talks about how the neural pathways in the human brain are actually hard written maps that can be measured electrically and occupy specific physical spaces in all brains. After about 6 months of age to one year, most of the parts of the brain map have crystallized for life for each person, and can’t be rewritten.

    Dr. Schwarzlose holds a Ph.D from MIT, is a researcher at Washington University in St. Louis and is the past chief editor of the journal “Trends in Cognitive Science”.

    Books available from Left Bank Books: https://www.left-bank.com/book/9781328949967.
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