2019 Emmy, NATOA Award Nominations

    HEC media nominated for 23 Mid America Emmy Awards in 18 categories, including Overall Excellence

    And the nominations go to:

    The Art of Blacksmithing
    Kelly Maue

    90-Year Old Tutor
    Paul Schankman

    Collecting New Data on Whales
    Kathleen Berger

    Shaken Not Slurred
    Angie Weidinger, Peter Foggy

    Schankman’s St. Louis: Green Burial
    Paul Schankman

    Civil Rights Icon: Dr. Melba Pattillo Beals
    Jacqui Poor, Dustin Karrer, Jade Harrell

    50 Years of Powell Hall
    Kelly Maue, Peter Foggy

    The View from Flyover Country
    Victoria Babu, Julie Winkle, Christina Chastain

    A Moving Story
    Paul Schankman

    Story Stitchers
    Julie Winkle

    Women Refugees in A New World
    Kathy Bratkowski, Peter Foggy

    Proud To Be
    Julie Winkle, Greg Kopp

    True Gaelic: Searching Ireland’s Lost History
    Kathy Bratkowski, Tom Finan, Jayne Ballew, Greg Kopp, John Baker, Peter Foggy, Colby Marshall

    A New Leaf
    Paul Schankman, Greg Kopp

    Opportunity Marks 15-Year Anniversary with Future Uncertain
    Kathleen Berger

    Finding Dorothy
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Julie Winkle, Christina Chastain, Peter Foggy

    The Other Hamilton
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Julie Winkle, Christina Chastain

    Flip and Fly with Circus Harmony
    Julie Winkle

    An Evening with Stephen Sondheim
    Amanda Honigfort, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rubbelke

    The Best of Us
    Greg Kopp: Editor

    Paul Schankman: Writer

    Paul Schankman: Video Journalist

    The NATOAs (National Association of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors) promotes community interests in communications and recognizes those media organizations who are making a difference.

    And the nominations are:

    Proud To Be
    Opening Minds Through Art
    Mark Hemmer: Blacksmith and Ferrier
    The Best of Us: 100 Seasons of Muny Magic
    A New Leaf: Reimagining Henry Shaw’s Museum

    Honorable Mention:

    Two on the Aisle
    True Gaelic: Searching for Ireland’s Lost History

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