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The Best of Us: 100 Seasons of Muny Magic

HEC presents a tribute to everyone’s favorite theatre under the stars!



Schankman’s St. Louis: A Curtain Call for The Muny’s “President Reagan”

Denny Reagan, President and CEO of The Muny tells some of his favorite stories as he brings down the curtain on his 50+ years spent behind the scenes.



Swim On Foundation: Raising Awareness of the Dangers of Drowning

The SWIM ON Foundation hopes to reduce drownings this summer with a new campaign in St. Louis. Their goal is to raise awareness about water safety.


CommunityGreater St. Louis Inc.

Valerie E. Patton of Greater St. Louis Inc. Spotlights Efforts to Promote Inclusive Growth in the Region

Valerie Patton describes the programs led by Greater St. Louis, Inc. to help ensure an inclusive business community.


ArtsTheaterTwo on the Aisle

Review of “Les contes d’Hoffmann”

After a dark year in 2020, Union Avenue Opera has made a welcome return to the stage with a fine production of Jacques Offenbach’s masterpiece, Les contes d’Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffmann).The company has not, however, returned to its home on Union Avenue. The site of this year’s productions is the Big Top at 3401 […]


Spotlight: Prison Performing Arts, Brain Tumor Center & The Muny

In this week’s episode learn about a program helping prisoners by teaching them about performing arts, discover a center helping develop new therapies to improve the lives of brain tumor patients, step into a unique art exhibit where you are invited to play golf, hear about a new unique type of urgent care that helps with behavioral health, say farewell to the Muny’s President Reagan, enjoy a special social distanced performance from The Muny.



“A Woman of Intelligence” A Conversation with Karin Tanabe

Karin Tanabe’s “A Woman of Intelligence” is an exhilarating tale of post-war New York City and one remarkable woman’s journey.


Happening Now

Materials Take Center stage in the Art of Ronald Young at the Gallery at the Kranzberg

Ronald Young focuses on reclaimed materials to create power objects to “embody the collective consciousness of generations of African Americans.”


BooksVirtual Events

First Person One on One: Alan Maimon

Alan Maimon talks about his new book “Twilight In Hazard,” exposing the challenges and sweeping changes in the troubled Appalachian region of eastern Kentucky.



Spotlight: Bookstores, Butterflies & Pokey LaFarge

In this week’s episode learn why breaking the rules is a good idea (@STLCoLibrary), discover all of the ways local bookstores got creative during COVID (@LeftBankBooks.STL, @novelneighbor & @EyeSeeMe), meet @CulturalFestivals artist @Cheryl Mackey Smith, go inside the circus themed event at the butterfly house @butterflyhousestl, learn how much @Keep Live Alive Saint Louis was able to make through their video special, and get to know St. Louis star @Pokey LaFarge.


Things to do in St. Louis

  • 1. Mummies of the World The Exhibition. Read More
  • 2. Stories of Resistance at CAM. Read More
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